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Dwyndell Chase Perrault Jr. 2003 – 2021

Dwyndell Chase Perrault Jr.

October 22, 2003 – November 9, 2021

Dwyndell Chase Perrault JR (CJ) passed away In his home in Beaumont Texas due to being shot. He couldn’t survive his wounds. (CJ ) Dwyndell Chase Perrault Jr was born on October 22,2003 in Beaumont, Texas to Dwyndell Chase Perrault Sr and Michele Perrault. He grew up with his sisters Ciera, Carma, Cayla, Angelica and Icyss and many, many pets. Growing up he loved spending his time fishing with his sisters and friends, he loved all animals, catching them and studying every inch of their body. He loved being outdoors. As he got older this never changed he had chicken’s, snakes and all sorts of reptiles.
He loved being silly and making people laugh and smile. He was so much fun to be around and had a way to make anyone smile. He tried playing football ran track and loved boxing at the gym he loved just being involved in life. And when it came to making people laugh he never disappointed! He was smart kind loving and such a joy to be around. When it came to his family he loved us unconditionally.
He was a great brother and son. Life will never be the same. He had a girlfriend so much like him people thought they were siblings. Kennedy and CJ were a perfect match and we loved them together they were an amazing couple and CJ loved her so much.   
He Was preceded by his grandmother Odelia Mae Perrault and his grandfather Chester Wiltz .
Dwyndell is survived by his father Chase Perrault, Sr. his mother Michele Perrault, his siblings Ciera Perrault, Carma Perrault, Cayla Perrault, Angelica Jimenez, Icyss Miller Perrault and Cullen Perrault. His brother in law Joseph Rose and new niece Riley Rose.
CJ was a wonderful young man who will be missed so badly he was loved by everyone. And had so much to offer the world. This is a tragic loss. He deserved to do everything he wanted to do in life and it was ripped from him so needlessly. Our lives will never be the same.

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